Nassau County Science Competition


Sunday June 8, 2014  -  9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Old Bethpage Village Restoration

The 2014 Nassau County Science Competition was a great success, with over 400 students participating from 45 schools across the county.

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Middle School


  1. Smiti ShahJohn F. Kennedy Middle School
    "The Effect of Temperature On the Acidity of Precipitation"
  2. Natalie CleriCarle Place Middle School
    "Dirty Beaches"
  3. Ashley BoccioGarden City Middle School
    "Mitigation of Soil Liquefaction"


  1. Brandon GongGarden City Middle School
    "A Method to Increase Plant Survival Rates in Low Water Conditions Utilizing the Absorbent Properties of Wheat Straw"
  2. Yosef MehlmanHebrew Academy Of Long Beach
    "Is the Pill Cam Helpful for Finding the Source for Anemia?"
  3. Sigi RisPlainview-Old Bethpage Middle School
    "Stick To It"


  1. Issam Gillin, Jevon Robinson, Zechariah MaximeRoosevelt Middle School
    "Affects of Ph on Metals"
  2. Kenneth BradleySaint Christopher Elementary School
    "A New Method for Detoxifying Wastewater by Using Sustainable Materials"
  3. Joseph Cosgrove, Patrick Revelant, Aidian McGuire, Brendan ShannonMineola Middle School
    "Particle Size and Reaction Rates"

Environmental/Earth/Planetary Science:

  1. Rami LibkindHebrew Academy Of Long Beach
    "The Effect Of Various Insulation On Heat Transfer Across A Wall Of A Model Home"
  2. Gregory C. Keis Jr.Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School
    "Salty Survival"
  3. Nicholas Williams, Ethan BrebanLawrence Middle School
    "Wind Turbine Efficiency"

Mixed Sciences:

  1. Christine CorsaroJohn F Kennedy Middle School
    "Amazing Archery"
  2. Spike RamhapPlainview-Old Bethpage Middle School
    "Male vs. Female Reaction Time"
  3. Henry DivinskiyPlainview-Old Bethpage Middle School
    "Aerospikes: The Future of Space Travel"

Social Science:

  1. Patrick MoquinOceanside Middle School
    "Studying a Correlation Between Athletes and Self Esteem"

  2. Malaya GreenOceanside Middle School
    "Affects on the Amount of Sports Adolescents Participate in Compared to their Stress Level"
  3. Cielin Balberan, Fiza KhaderLawrence Middle School
    "Fear Factor: Scary Movies and Pulse Rate"

Superlative Awards:

  • Most Unique Topic: Anna Mikhaylova, Sara DejkamehOceanside Middle School
    "Does WiFi radiation effect plant growth?"
  • Most Enthusiastic Presentation: Grace CutlerEast Woods School
    "Glucose at a Glance"
  • Most Creative Display Board: Karleah Adams, Kimberly Palencia, Khylar Sanders, Jaylen Salley - Roosevelt Middle School
    "Can You See Me Now?"


High School


  1. Abrar Nadroo - Syosset High School
    "Elucidation of the Role of Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS) in TGF- β1 Activation of TRPV1 in the Corneal Keratocyte"
  2. Alixandra Wilens - John F. Kennedy High School (Bellmore)
    "The Effect of Guidelines on Teenage Adolescent Productivity"
  3. Devina Persaud - Oceanside High School
    "Cholera Toxin B Uptake is Inhibited in Cells Overexpressing the Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Ack1"


  1. Jiwei (Vivian) Zhong - Syosset High School
    "Regulating the Catalytic Kinetics of Thiol-stabilized AuNP Polymer Composites"
  2. George Theodosopoulos - Manhasset High School
    "The effect of spectral filtering and temperature on the power output of moncrystalline, polycrystalline, and dye-sensitized solar cells"
  3. Cynthia Mei, Ellen Xu - Great Neck North High School
    "Magnetic Fields and the Solar Corona"


  1. Richard Lee - Manhasset High School
    "Wireless Energy Transfer: The Effects of Diode Type and Distance on Rectenna Output"
  2. Anne Chen - Farmingdale High School
    "Development of a New Catalyst for Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell to Mitigate Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Commonly Used Platinum Membrane"
  3. Firas Akbik - Bethpage High School
    "The Mechanical Properties and Micro-Structure of Bones"

Environmental/Earth/Planetary Science:

  1. Lynda Tinglin - Freeport High School
    "Atomic Absorption and X-Ray Fluorescent Evaluation of Trace Metal Excretion in the Head Hair of Mainstream and Individuals within the Autism Spectrum"
  2. Christine Yoo - Manhasset High School
    "The Effect of Nitrate on the Cell Activation and PKLR Gene Expression of Mytilus edulis"
  3. Nicholas Kideris - Bethpage High School
    "The Effect on Location on Differences in Distribution of Light"

General Biology:

  1. Alan Khaykin - Oceanside High School
    "BIN3 Mutagenesis"
  2. Samantha DiSalvo - Hewlett High School
    "Exploring Ceratopteris richardii to Understand Plant Defense"
  3. Katie Tan, Esther Cho - Great Neck South High School
    "Effect of curcumin on progression of cellular senescence in Caenorhabditis elegans"

Molecular Biology:

  1. Crystal Zheng - Jericho High School
    "Implications of a novel molecular mechanism in Parkinson's Disease: Slitrk4 interaction with TrkB"
  2. Joshua He - Manhasset High School
    "4-Methylimidazole as an Estrogen Mimicking Compound: a Novel Study on the Hazardous Effects of a Commonly Ingested Compound"
  3. Ritayan Chakraborty - Syosset High School
    "Activation-induced Cytidine Deaminase and its Role in Reliving the Promethean Dream"

Math/Computer Science:

  1. Ridoy Majumdar - Syosset High School
    "A Novel Application of Adaptive Thresholding and Character Segment Classification for the Restoration of Historical Documents"
  2. Daniel Hanover - Great Neck North High School
    "Connectomics in the Human Brain from Large Invasive Neurophysiological Datasets"
  3. Ryan Capps, Evan Kaminsky - Schreiber High School
    "Comparing Sound Waves Produced Immediately Preceding Car Crashes and in Normal Driving Conditions to Determine the Imminence of Car Crashes"

Social Science:

  1. Milton A. Martinez, Jonathan ValerioFreeport High School
    "Social, Physical and Mental Aspects of Performance Enhancing Supplements"
  2. Aansh ShahRoslyn High School
    "Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones: Perceptions of Cross Gender Bullying"
  3. David ShenGreat Neck North High School
    "The Effects of Form on the Causes of the Walk-Run Transition at Increased Inclines"

Superlative Awards:

  • Most Unique Topic: Graelin Mandel - Great Neck North High School
    "Validating the Royal in Royal Jelly: The Effect of Royal Jelly Consumption on Short-term Memory of Drosophila Melanogaster"
  • Most Enthusiastic Presentation: Len Li - Jericho High School
    "Asymmetry in the Human Brain: Understanding Prognosis in Alzheimer's Disease"
  • Most Creative Display Board: Michaela Evangelista, Andrew Meersand, Luke O'Brien - Lynbrook High School 
    "The Impact Of Nonverbal Communication On The Interpretation Of Text Messages"



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