COVID-19 Update

CSTL Dinosaur Museum is closed. We will update this notice as best we can. 

Current Changes to programs:

  1. Summer Camp Early Bird has been extended to June 1st instead of the April 1st Deadline.
  2. Spring Camp is canceled
  3. NSPC Health Science Competition is now virtual. Spellman Clean Tech Competition dates have been changed. More information is on each website.
    Delays/Cancellations will be announced directly to entrants.
  4. Nature's Kids re-opening TBA

How You can help:

Our animals still need to be feed and cared for everyday, if you can make a donation we would appreciate it.

The Nature Trails are open from 10-4pm, bathrooms are not available, so go before you come.

Practice Social Distancing!
If you have questions call 516-764-0045 or e-mail